The American Dream (album)

by Adventures in Bluesland

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The debut album from Phil Gammage’s Adventures in Bluesland is The American Dream. Recorded in New York, it features eleven songs in all — nine written by Phil Gammage plus the band’s renditions of two classics, Blind Lemon Jefferson’s “One Kind Favor” aka “See That My Grave is Kept Clean” and Geeshie Wiley’s “Last Kind Word Blues.” Since coming together, the group has created a sound that is built upon taking traditional roots music and playing it in their own unique style. Their music swings, it rocks, it boogies, and it conjures ghosts of our country’s past like no other music you’ve ever heard. It is about exploring what is at the heart of the American music experience.

Driven by the vocals and songs of native Texan Phil Gammage, the New York City based band — whose current lineup includes Don Fiorino (lap steel guitar), Johnny Cement (bass), Robert Aaron (saxophone, keyboards), and Kevin Tooley (drums) — have been performing extensively in the past year as they made trips to the recording studio to complete the new album. Music audiences got a first taste of the band’s recordings with their debut single Ruler of My Heart (2014 World Wide Vibe Records).

While the band itself is relatively new, the collective works of this group of musicians is not. They have all played and recorded together in numerous combinations in the past as session and touring musicians. Their resumes are impressive and include working with a diverse range of artists including David Bowie, Julee Cruise, John Cale, Melissa Etheridge, and others. In live performance, Adventures in Bluesland are an ever-shifting combination of incredible musicianship and kinetic dynamics between the players. For their audience, the interplay between the musicians is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Long-time Gammage colleague Kevin Tooley returns to produce and play drums on The American Dream. Upon listening the high quality of his production work speaks for itself. The recordings have a vitality and energy that captures each song’s true essence.

“Roots music is in good hands here. We are sure to hear much more good and creative sounds from this band in the future.”
Blues Blast Magazine

“Phil is animated by a faith and a passion for this music, without falling into a dubious attachment to the past and especially by not appearing as a mere revivalist. In this way he is similar to Nick Cave or Nikki Sudden.”

Phil est toujours animé d’une foi et d’une passion pour cette musique, sans tomber dans un passéisme douteux et surtout en n’apparaissant pas comme un simple copieur. Il fait partie des grands à l’image d’un Nick CAVE ou d’un Nikki SUDDEN.”
Ethnotempos (France)


released April 6, 2015

Produced by Kevin Tooley. Engineered by Brent McLachlan and Kevin Tooley.

Phil Gammage - lead vocals, guitar, harmonica; Don Fiorino - lap steel guitar; Robert Aaron - saxophone; Johnny Cement - bass; Kevin Tooley - drums, percussion.



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Adventures in Bluesland New York, New York

Adventures in Bluesland offer a good time mix of blues, soul, and boogie featuring original songs as well as a diverse selection of classic covers. It is not your typical “bar blues band”. The band is based in New York and perform at numerous venues throughout the United States. ... more

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Track Name: Creepy in the Woods
I had my chance but now it’s gone
The truth was right in front of me
Now I’m drowning in misery

I’ll catch that train and ride to hell
Who was I to stand and judge
Should have listened to the man above

It gets creepy in the woods at night
Voices speak to me in the wind
Telling me I should have never sinned

They speak in tongues down at the church
Drinking poison and handling snakes
But for me it’s just too late
Track Name: Float and Sting
I ran into you on the street
You act like you don’t even care
I guess it’s just a sad memory
All the love we shared
Allright, okay
If that’s the way it’s got to be
Allright, okay
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

I never thought I’d see the light of day
When you’d treat me so cold
Maybe you feel a love like ours
Was something bought and sold

I think it’s best for me to move on
To stay would be so cruel
Whoever is your next in line
Oh I pity that fool
Track Name: I'm Drifting
You know I’m sorry for all those things that I’ve done
It’s no excuse yeah but I wasn’t the only one
But now I’m drifting, can’t find my way around
Lord knows I’m drifting clear out of town

Now don’t you worry good things will come to you
All of your dreams yeah are gonna come true
But me I’m drifting, flying high as a kite
But inside I’m praying it’s going to be allright

It must feel good yeah to be back at the top
I wouldn’t know that feeling, you see my good luck stopped
Because I’m drifting, don’t know where to go
And I’m hurting yeah, never felt so low
Track Name: Booze, Blues, and New Tattoos
Can’t get to Mobile in my broken down truck
If I can’t fix it I’ll take a greyhound bus
I walked on downtown to try to flag a ride
Went to the depot and spent the night inside
I’ve got nothing left to lose
Booze, blues, and new tattoos

Houston to Mobile that’s a nine-hour trip
With my friend Johnny Walker taking my sips
If I can get past Beaumont with no hassle I’ll be glad
There’s some bad mojo in that town to be had.

When I get to Mobile I’m gonna have me some fun.
I’m going drink, eat, and party until my day is done.
Just get me past Beaumont, people don’t like me there
Once I’m in Lake Charles, man I won’t care
Track Name: Watching the Traffic Flow
Whatever it is that you’re feeling, it’s sure made you uptight
Try letting up on the gas a little more and it will turn out so right
You can stay or you can go, I’m just gonna watch the traffic flow.

What’s your point in worrying about a scene that doesn’t exist?
If you keep getting worked up baby you’ll be throwing some kind of fit.
You can stay or you can go, I’m just gonna watch the traffic flow.

It’s time for you to spread your wings and take in a silent breath
Your so wound up and nervous only you can free yourself
You can stay or you can go, I’m just gonna watch the traffic flow.
You can stay or you can go, I’m just gonna watch the traffic flow.
Track Name: Our Lucky Day
In my dreams, it’s all so beautiful
Everything is going our way
Now I believe it’s going to be our lucky day

In my dreams, it’s all so wonderful
No more problems and that’s how it’s gonna stay
Now I believe it’s going to be our lucky day

In my dreams, it’s all so wonderful
We’re all happy and that’s how it’s gonna stay
Now I believe it’s going to be our lucky day

Our lucky day…
Track Name: Feel the Music
You’re hunting for someone who’s going to treat you right
On a nameless street on another endless night
Daytime, nighttime they start to feel the same
You’re on a dead end road baby, playing a dangerous game
So come on listen to me
Come on let us set you free
Come on feel the music and let yourself go

The world is full of losers that can never get enough
Hustlers and con men out to rip you off
Now you can call me jaded but I only speak the truth
I’m telling you your good thing is right in front of you

Now I’ve seen it all through the highs and the lows
I’ve had a million dollars only to see it go
So listen when I tell you that you’re on a crooked path
Float with the rhythm to find out where it’s at
Track Name: Walk on the Beach
I’m gonna walk on the beach
Bury my troubles in the sand
I got me a girl, that I’ll never understand

Moonlight shining
On the ocean in the night
Gonna stay right here until the morning light

Waves keep crashing
Smell of salt in the air
It’s 3am in the morning, and I don’t care
Track Name: Come to Me
Come to me in my darkness
Before my spirit is forever gone
Lift me up out of the gutter
Help me to see what’s really going on

Come to me I have no more feelings
My heart is numbed by what I’ve seen
I can’t conquer what stands before me
Feeling the panic so please come to me

Come to me with your smile
With you I believe that all is good
I’ve returned from out of the shadows
Lean on you — if I could?

Come to me I need your strength
And your eyes to help me see
Can’t tell anymore what’s right or wrong
I need you badly please come to me